Credentialing can be pivotal to the success of your practice especially if you are opening a new location or just starting your career. Not being able to see patients or seeing patients and attempting to back bill, can negatively impact your cashflow. We recommend giving your credentially period 90 days to process to avoid hiccups in your cashflow however, we can still help if are starting sooner than you anticipated. As insurance companies expand the process, the peace of mind our credentialing team can deliver is invaluable. Contact us for more information for more customized credentialing options suitable for your practice needs.

What we offer:

  • New¬†Practice Setup
  • Address changes/updates
  • Adding provider to a practice
  • Preparation and attestation of CAQH
  • Medicare enrollment and revalidation
  • ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) enrollment
  • EFT (Electronic Funds transfer) enrollment