SYFR Health Information Management specializes in all aspects of revenue cycle management in a variety of medical specialties. From initial clinic setups and full-service management, to overflows and ala carte services as well as helping strained back offices of medical practices recover and thrive again. Our goal is to maximize the financial health of your practice.

Uniquely positioned in the medical industry with a diverse group of professionals that bring years of billing experience and clinical experience to the table, we, at SYFR Health Information Management, understand and are committed to providing our clients with all the best resources, knowledge and experience to help their medical practices achieve their highest potential.

SYFR works with organizations that are pushing the edge of their specialty. By understanding the strategy of organizations in healthcare, SYFR can take out many of the time consuming and costly steps experienced by your standard medical billing and coding companies. When it comes to medical billing and coding, a “one size fits all” system will leave your organization vulnerable.

With the ever-changing world of insurance, keeping up with the latest requirement, laws and guidelines in the billing and coding world can be consuming and frustrating.  Who has time? That is where we come in. It is our job to maintain the most up to date information and keep up with the latest industry regulations, procedures, and requirements so you don’t have to — providing complete compliance to ensure cleaner claims and quicker settlements.

SYFR is not limited to it’s geographical location of Gillette, Wyoming thanks to technological advances in the medical space. We take pride in serving local clients as well as clients in various regions of the United States.

Our mission is to drive healthcare economics that create sustainability in the medical industry.

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