I am a solo pediatrician with a family medicine mid-level provider. I have been a client of SYFRs for the past eight months. I previously had a web-based software company doing my billing and was frustrated in many aspects. SYFR was recommended to me as a fairly local company who was always available to problem solve and known as a very good billing company. I handed them a mess. A team that was dedicated to my office reduced my AR and improved collections in a short time. I have always gotten prompt answers to emails and phone calls. All issues and questions have been addressed within minutes to hours. They have assisted me with coding, charges, collections and contract negotiations, along with numerous other things that I would not think a billing company would help with, such as IT issues and practice management. My practice’s coding issues are still a work in progress. But, based on past performance, I am confident that we will be 100% turned around from a big mess to running smoothly shortly. I would recommend this company, without reservation, to any practice small or large.   “A Satisfied Physician”

This recommendation is composed in the highest esteem of the service, quality and skill SYFR LLC brings to the health information management industry. As such, I am pleased to convey my deepest satisfaction in utilization of this integral service. Simply put, high quality information management should go beyond billing, collections and storage. Through dedicated, honest and knowledgeable staff dedicated to your account, ample opportunity is realized in personal relationships with these professionals. As such, SYFR creates an environment conducive to learning and growth bringing substance to an industry that is often a numbers game. My business has come to realize that SYFR has served as an indispensable partner in advocating for my profession. As an allied healthcare provider who experiences arbitrary accessibility limitations and unfounded reimbursement trends that decrease payments, it requires an all fronts advocacy effort to best serve patients. SYFR has shown to be a true and equitable cohort facing these challenges. “A client and colleague in the rehab industry”